I am amazed by the variety of moths found in our surroundings during the last couple of months in 2020.

The images included here are of some moths observed during the last few months of 2020. They were digitally captured from three sub-urbans in Western Province in Sri Lanka.

It seems to me that there are many varieties of moths around our locales than those of the butterflies.

Importance: Moths together with birds, bats play a vital role in keeping the eco-balance by helping pollination and pest control.

Further some of their authentic wing patterns made by mother-nature; one design per each kind !!! is truly a wonder to gaze at. Their colours are as such that we can hardly spot them around unless they make a move. An amazing gift the mother nature given for their children to protect themselves. Mostly they appear inactive during the daytime.

I am grateful for the digital camera I used, which otherwise would not have been possible at all to capture any of their tiny detailed beautiful wing patterns;

Moths are often seen around in home gardens (during the night). At a glance, moths can be identified from butterflies by looking at their antennas which often have a feathery appearance. They are also clearly noticeable as they keep wings horizontally to a surface.

Hope you too have got an opportunity to see them here if you are someone interested in them.

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