Little Gazers is for fresh eyes that are curious and would love to gaze around natures beauty.

Re-connecting with nature can be started from our very own home garden. Making our vglittle home garden, an eco-friendly place started rewarding us with a magical arrival … almost every week….. Watch out ! it would happen at any eco-friendly place….

You would get surprise with a nature’s gift ! Never to own it, but to let it go and come back if it wish so… you would keep on following a habit where you get to discover much more …

When those nature’s arrivals happily made a ‘connection’ with the place, we get to enjoy their company by seeing them around often, depending on their own way of connecting with the nature. Sometimes they also decides to grow their own home there … Wow !

In other words, its the diversity and mutual understanding we experience among us in many different ways. We get used to accept it, and most importantly, develop a hope….. an essential ingredient for making a happy living.

A longing to discover unlimited beauty

Searching for the unseen which have been

in existence around for a long time…..

The October full moon (in 2020) from the West in the morning around 6.50 am.

You are welcome to frequently visit Little Gazers and share your thoughts and experiences too ….

A nice and cool exchange of little-gazes with the nature!

© 2021

Refresh with Nature

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