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Tropical Flavors : Pineapple

These images of some pineapples are captured in to my camera at Horana, Sri Lanka. Pineapples are commonly seen these days in the markets in Sri Lanka. We have been buying them for few weeks now. Its authentic tropical fruity flavor is very much in demand for salads, puddings, baking, drinks etc.

Pineapple – a rich tropical flavor

A curious search for herbs at grandparent’s Place ….

This is a post which I wanted to post since last year 2020, but waited for some more work to be done. Nevertheless, i decided to publish these images on the go !

We were excited by the different plants available at grandpa’s place , in his home garden … Plants that we usually don’t see around…. One day as he started describing a couple of new plants he planted by himself, we got quite keen to know more about them. Above are some pictures I have taken while he was telling some uses of these plants. It’s just amazing ! is only what we could thought.

The uses of these plants he was telling, we thought it’s no wonder, that he is an ayurvedic practitioner with inherited knowledge and a skillful, passionate ayurvedic oil/paste maker (for some years by now) which often resulted in good use of them even by his family members .

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Looking at a Smiling pumpkin creeper in a sunny morning

I thought of sharing some images of a healthy pumpkin creeper with its fresh blooms. This was at grandma’s place. It was a nice morning eye-catcher at her backyard that brightened up eyes and mind ! Ready to go !

It was also quiet impressive to see how busy some little creatures had been around the pumpkin creeper at that moment.

Some fire ants were of course seemed to be all time visitors; while some yellow butterflies dropped in time to time as if they knew it for long time. They too seemed to enjoy the sight of the bright yellow pumpkin blooms in the sunny morning.

How nice it is to share plants in a home garden with these innocent, beautiful and dutiful creatures. They all do their part in return for the nature’s gift for all of us, i feel.