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four in one: A butterfly, a dead-leaf, a tiny Bat, and finally a Moth..

When I stepped outside this morning (around 8.00 am), my eyes was caught up by a sudden fly of a quite large, beautiful butterfly from a pot plant at the front garden. Its’ fly was quite unusual. I got struck from what I then saw….. It soon settled on the short trunk of the star-fruit tree. Then to my surprise it suddenly looked like a dead leaf.

What is it really .. something i wanted to look at soon ….

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A beauty in red and black

Curoba sangarida

I was told by the little one that a ‘nice red butterfly’ was seen in the garden for many times in the evenings . However i missed it as I was not around. After several weeks, I was amazed to see this beautiful creature when my little one first spotted it. My kid was claiming it was this ‘butterfly’ mentioned recently. Actually there were couple of them this time. Surely, the previous ones had laid eggs somewhere nearby.

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Oh little one, i met you once more ……

It was raining yesterday’s night. I was lucky to see a baby sized of the same moth species I noted few days back.

It happened to come-in through kitchen door just before the rain, may be carried in with the wind.

Though it was very little in size compared to the one noted earlier, it’s antenna and those ‘velvety fur’ around head was clearly visible. It didn’t have those few browny spots on the wing.

Night time visitors

Today’s night my little one was telling me some butterfly kind of thing was flying around inside the house. I soon thought something might have dropped in as I have opened the door a little while ago. So, i too quickly took the camera and ran to where my little one was gazing at ..

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