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Honey Bees

Spotting a honey bee in a misty morning

This very lively honey bee (in the image) has been first spotted in a misty, cool morning around 6.45 am on a day in early May 2020. The area was a suburban in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It was the very first tree at the front garden facing the gate with a clear surrounding. The bee was easily spotted with its buzzing flight.The tree was full with bloomed bright yellow flowers emitting a slight fragrance around. Normally, the fragrance is felt strong around in the morning fresh air !

Thereafter, few other honey bees had also visited the tree on the same day. The honey bee friends continued visiting the same more often during the early mornings for another couple of days.

The tree has already welcomed some other guests as well; some black ants. They were making trips in and out for their newly found sweet. The ants remained on the tree even after the flowers fallen off. They might have found something else to stay around.

Neither of the visitors to this tree were in any conflict.They seemed to be aware of each others presence but too focused on their own work. A lovely sight that we gazed at …..