Little Gazers is for little-gazer’s


towards mother nature.

It is also to ignite a feeling for taking care of nature starting with small acts.

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Hi, I’m Dhara from Sri Lanka. I’m glad that we met up through this web page. In this site, I’m sharing short moments spent in nature.

This is an ongoing collection of observations made by myself. It has been an interesting, joyous and mind-refreshing experience to date. I’m loving it !

So I’m happily sharing from a collection of favorite gazes with you!

Mostly, I have made use of my camera to capture these moments.

Thank you for stopping by…….

hope this site would add some thoughts on freedom and simplicity in natural life styles …


Special thanks and gratitude to,

To my dear family, parents and in-laws for their all -time support, my dear teachers and loving friends who have helped me this far in my life since childhood up to this very present moment… and to our beautiful and strong mother nature for letting us all to breath and live the life.

Its my pleasure to keep updating this self nature collection. I believe it would ignite a refreshed feeling among us to love and care towards our mother nature. I have fallen in love with her more and more with each single picture taken. I believe it surely be a refreshing gaze.

Thank you !!!


© Dhara Sapukotana 2021

Refresh with Nature

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