‘Autumn’ in Sri Lanka, 2021

Sri Lanka, a beautiful country near the Equator, does not experience all four seasons but the two main; Dry (in the months of Feb to Apr) and Wet (May, June,July). However, there have always been signs from nature to tell us that the things have just started to happen around the world….

One of those signs are the coldest mornings in January which really reminds about Autumn experiencing countries. Another nature sign i noticed as a child those days was the color change of the leaves in ‘Kottamba’ tree. For me, it is the most remarkable observation among the trees. These colors look almost similar to the colors of Autumn experiencing countries far from the equator.

By this time, once all-green ‘kottabmba’ leaves have already started turning in to bright red and yellow. They would soon fall off to the ground in the next couple of days.

I should be quick to capture some good pics before that happens of course ! Every morning I get a glimpse of a giant kottamba tree from my home balcony. That tree has become a graceful stand over the last seven years, spreading its wide wings around with many sub-branches. It is providing much needed shade to the grass cover and insects around … and a sleeping spot for some bats ….

I treasure the joy of seeing it from the balcony everyday …..

Here in SL, the climate is so dry these days and cold in the mornings. However the day-time is very hot. We have not experienced much rainfall for weeks by now, but we get to see many dark clouds forming in the evenings. Even the butterflies and the birds are almost gone missing these days may be due to the hot environment from mid morning to evening time.

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