A curious search for herbs at grandparent’s Place ….

This is a post which I wanted to post since last year 2020, but waited for some more work to be done. Nevertheless, i decided to publish these images on the go !

We were excited by the different plants available at grandpa’s place , in his home garden … Plants that we usually don’t see around…. One day as he started describing a couple of new plants he planted by himself, we got quite keen to know more about them. Above are some pictures I have taken while he was telling some uses of these plants. It’s just amazing ! is only what we could thought.

The uses of these plants he was telling, we thought it’s no wonder, that he is an ayurvedic practitioner with inherited knowledge and a skillful, passionate ayurvedic oil/paste maker (for some years by now) which often resulted in good use of them even by his family members .

As we walked from plant to plant, he was proudly explaining more in response for plant queries we made ….. Some plants were those that we once considered weeds in the garden !

Some plants were there in abundant quantities ! even he has let them grow here and there just because he value it so much and for the matter of it’s unavailability in batch quantities.

He already has plans to make use of those plants in abundant for a recipe to make his own next batch of herbal oil, and of course, it would be another inspiring story for us ! We already feel these memories would be the precious gifts that one can get from their grandparents that we can remember for a life time !

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