November full moon 2020

The whole Western sky was so nice today’s evening with sunset brushstrokes, particularly making three bands of colours in the sky; peach, blue and ash. Looking at those marvellous colours around 7.00 pm at the Western sky was quite unusual than the usual lighting available at this time of the year.

That view instantly made me wanted to look at the Eastern sky. and yes … there too was a quite fascinating view in the Eastern sky at the same time.

There was the moon still appearing full. It looked special even on a day after the full moon poya day. As I suddenly recalled, its size was very similar to the full moon seen last January 2020. It too was spectacular with its redness and special being the first penumbra lunar eclipse taken place in 2020 .

Few thin layers of clouds with sharp colour contrasts gathered around the moon made it a beautiful evening sky. The stratus of clouds were like some light brushstrokes of white and dark ash leaving random transparent spots. The moon’s reflection of sunlight through these spots created a visual art with a golden touch.

After the clouds passed-by sweeping the whole scenery away, i thought of capturing the moon as it was. Some changes of camera settings gave me below images acceptable to what i had at the moment.

A little bit of further search done through tags at image uploads revealed that there is going to be a penumbra lunar eclipse today visible for some parts of the world . Oh …. so that was about it… a result of moon being closer to Earth and the Earth come in between the Sun and the Moon.

Though this lunar eclipse could not be seen from our part of the world, the November2020- full moon it self clearly told star gazers that there’s some news today ….. a news to guess to those who happen to gaze at her today’s evening 🙂

Happy that I saw her this evening ….

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