‘Stylist polka dots’ – Red pierrots in the garden.

We have been observing a group of four Red Pierrots in our small home garden during the period from September to October 2020 (in Sri Lanka). They could be seen hanging around all the time during the day . Though they are still here at the time of writing this post 🙂 , I only get to see one or two of them now by mid November 2020.

Nevertheless, none of the butterflies seemed to stay this long as they happen to come and go mostly. But these few were special as they seemed to have decided to stay here for a while … wow….

One of them seemed to have faded in colour over the weeks; her brighter red colour has become a pale orange and the wings worn-out while brighter ones also still exist in the group. This reminded me that the ‘nature of nature’ is same for all of us…..

Red Pierrot

Once a Red Pierrot had perched on a leaf or a flower, it seemed to be quiet, in harmony and not easily got disturbed. A ‘photo-friendly butterfly’ i would say in comparison to many other types photographed recently. 🙂

Red Pierrots seemed to have a wide choice in the surrounding as they were seen on a variety of small plants. (eg: Kamaranka leaves, Monarakudumbiya, Nil katarolu (butterfly-pea), and grass.

I think these are the moments you get to see the pay-off for all the care taken in the dry season by trying to keep plants alive at your place. Not only us, but also many other creatures benefit associated with food chains !

It is a conscious effort by making sure, in our capacities, that the smallest nature cycles continues so that the rest of the lives are being continued…..

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