oh… those sharp black eyes on grass…. a gaze you would not want to miss

We decided to visit grandma’s place around noon. After having a chitchat we came out to gaze around the garden. The garden was rich with some insect friendly – weeds and long grass. It is supposed to be undergo its routine cleaning by this weekend.

Seeing the long grass and those ‘weeds’ around were a good sign for me to be prepared with the camera. Here I go ! . shhh… be quiet please ….

The grass looked fresh after heavy usual rains in the evening. The land was blessed with sunshine patches here and there through some tall trees.

Soon my eyes went on to the grassy surrounding of a coconut tree by the side. I caught a glimpse of some little butterflies with a clear spot on their hind-wing. They were hiding in the midst of long grass but actively moving, basking in the sunshine.

However, it was very clear that they wanted to avoid us. They soon started to flew at a distance, but still longing for similar sunny, grassy spots on the land. Though I quietly got nearer to them, i felt they could easily sense movements around. They were very quick to act and decide.

But these beauties somehow wanted one thing; basking in the sunshine was all that they seem to be wanted .

Though they could fly fast, gazing at them for a little bit made me recognized that it is the same species which i noted yesterday somewhere else. The noted behaviour too is the same at both the locations.

They have a clearly demarcated, quiet big black spot on its fore-wing. There were anotehr clearly noticeable three tiny black spots in a vertical line on its hind wing.

Wow, they are beautiful with a SHARP pattern of black spots. By their name, it is the White four-ring (Ypthima ceylonica). In Sinhala, it is known as ‘සිතිරිසිච්චා’.

I also got to learn that this type of butterflies spread their wings-wide when alarmed. TRUE ! They seemed to be restless when we were around. When we were not too close-by, they seemed to enjoy plenty of sunshine by moving from side to side. It was as if the butterfly kept on bathing nice warm weather. Wow.. how exciting

Perching at an angle and basking in the sunshine ….

I happened to see them yesterday around the same time as of today (11.30 am to 1.00 pm). These butterflies were not observed in isolation; they were seen keeping the company of three to four of these butterflies forming in a group.

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