A beauty in red and black

Curoba sangarida

I was told by the little one that a ‘nice red butterfly’ was seen in the garden for many times in the evenings . However i missed it as I was not around. After several weeks, I was amazed to see this beautiful creature when my little one first spotted it. My kid was claiming it was this ‘butterfly’ mentioned recently. Actually there were couple of them this time. Surely, the previous ones had laid eggs somewhere nearby.

oh wow! really….. they are beautiful…. I said.

These moth were in the garden for nearly three weeks. They mostly rested on leaves of the pumpkin creeper and branches of an orangey flower tree.

Though it could be seen during the day/ not hiding, it was not much active. It became active in the afternoons. Then only we could see those beautiful red-black wing pattern. A beautiful moth it is !

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