Common TailorBird

A pair of tailorbirds were basking in the morning sunshine when I looked at the rear garden through the door pane. They seemed to be relaxed and fresh after a cool sleep. These tailorbirds are frequent visitors for us.

Looking at them reminded me that they nested two times last year at the rear garden. The making of their nest was AMAZING as if it was cleverly stitched using a needle and pieces of thread. To my surprise, that tailorbird had actually used a real piece of thread as well for this. How clever are they to spot little pieces of human-made thread from somewhere. however, they have mostly used their own self-made thread using cotton wool !

Their nest’s inside looked cushioned and cosy enough under the natural shelter in midst of long,wide butter-fruit leaves which also protected it from the rain.

It was the butter-fruit tree they selected for that matter at both times. The female laid three eggs.

The male tailorbird has a long straight tail. In contrast, the female tailorbird got a short tail.

The male tailorbird is also called ‘Ceylon Long-tailed Tailorbird’

I like their yellowish olive green and light brown colours. These colours look cool and are well blended with their living surrounding. So they cannot be easily spotted when they are quiet.

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