Purple-rumped sunbirds

Sunbirds on a sunny day

Today morning i heard some voices of a familiar bird’s voice, but from very nearby. I quietly went to see through a front window. Yes ! They are sunbirds … the ones with a shiny purple coat and a shiny green head. A few of them have attracted to yellow flower tree at our front garden.

The tree was full with its new set of blooms appeared after the rain. Almost all the flower bunches hanged down from branches as they still seem to carry on the weight of rain drops from last night. Suddenly, I felt a coolness in my eyes, a feeling as fresh as after a wash. I thought those rain drops too gave the flowers some coolness giving a fresh start for the day.

Now, the flowers and the tree has met few early visitors greeting them with their ‘Sweety-swee, sweety-sweety-swee‘ voice while some other from the group joined from the neighbourhood.

Quiet and careful gazing at them for a while made me think that the sunbirds seem to be thrilled with so many cleansed and freshened sweet bunches around. Sensing a little clue of someone/something is being around make them immediately fly away. So, i had to be very very careful in photographing them. Shhhhhhhh……… Luckily the whole area was quiet without much interruptions.

Gazing at them for a little while revealed me that there were two types of sunbirds almost of the same size. Apart from the shiny purple one i mentioned earlier, the other one too had some similarity in a more lighter yellow colour breast with a short beak. Their rump was light brown and head is little darker brown.

A later search on them revealed that this type of sunbirds usually are in pairs. So, the shiny purple one was the male one of the species.

Special remarks : this male sunbird got a yellow colour breast and belly. Its head is shiny dark green and has a spot on the side of the same colour. The upper side of the body looked shiny with a nice dark purple rump. The eyes looked reddish brown and the beak looked sharp, thin and long with a down-curved shape.

Spotted behaviour : made continuous noise and moved very quickly. Came with a group of sunbirds. Usually not seen visiting alone.

Family : Nectariniidae

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