Night time visitors

Today’s night my little one was telling me some butterfly kind of thing was flying around inside the house. I soon thought something might have dropped in as I have opened the door a little while ago. So, i too quickly took the camera and ran to where my little one was gazing at ..

Yes ! It did look like a butterfly, but actually a Moth. They are night time friends to gaze at. Here’s some clue for identifying it if you too happen to meet this beautiful little moth.

It is small, got tiny black eyes and bright yellow wings with few tiny dark brown spots along upper-wing border. The wings got a look of a paintbrush on the edge. Observing closer, revealed a look of some yellow dust on its wings.

Special remarks: This moth has got sort of yellow thick fur around its four legs, head and along the neck area (which reminded me a look of a tiny alien 🙂 ) . It has also got a nice pair of antennas that looks like a little fish skeleton.

Well, then we soon wanted to get to know this little beauty and that it it is ,

eupterote geminata, of Eupterotidae family.

Interestingly, this is the fourth moth we noted in the night within this month. Will soon post about the rest of the three !

Piliyandala, Sri Lanka / around 9.00 pm, 30th October 2020

2 thoughts on “Night time visitors”

  1. Lovely! Every now and then in the summer I will have something similar on my front screen door. They seem to be drawn by the porch light. I love the antennae…what a great description to liken them to fish skeletons. Their ‘fur’ looks like velvet.

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