Starting with little foot steps ….

At the backyard in a cloudy morning

Wondering at the backyard..

We started our joyous nature observations by seeing little snail walks at the backyard and honey bees visiting the garden in the mornings. A frequent set of colourful butterflies made us gaze around for more….

The whole refreshed experience of exploring our own surrounding mixed with thoughts from fresh little eyes inspired to sense a magical spell around.

Little Gazers thought of sharing those beautiful little things for good. We appreciate the fact that they too are the wonderful gifts from mother nature.

It would ignite a feeling to care for natures beauty. That smallest act would make us strive to protect the living beings working hard day and night to keep on the ecological balance and harmony in nature.

Particularly, the young would start loving mother nature more as they get to sense often so much of amusements spell around them.

(c) Little Gazers 2020